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Goalpost Ireland: Equipped for Sport

With over 40 years of supplying superior goalposts for all sports throughout Ireland and across the world, we know the importance of designing, manufacturing and delivering directly from our production facility in Tallow, Co. Waterford, Ireland. At Goalpost Ireland, we offer fast and flexible service to the 32 Counties of Ireland on a daily basis. There are several benefits to this approach, namely supporting the Irish economy and the ability to ensure a high quality of craftsmanship. We can offer a fast, flexible and local service with pre-installation, technical and post installation support available at all times.

Goalpost Ireland has built on Ireland’s proud tradition of skilled workers by establishing a team who possess all the talents needed to produce high quality goalposts. Goalpost Ireland’s products are designed to be robust and durable with long lasting, lightweight and rust resistant aluminium. A key attribute of Goalpost Ireland is that all manufacturing is done in-house at our facility: machining, cutting, welding, powder coating and assembly. Manufacturing is completed to the highest industry safety standards and our dedicated fleet of vehicles offer door-to-door delivery to customers. We offer exceptional technical support and after sales service. All of these combine to ensure that your products are handled with care from start to finish.

By having a manufacturing facility and a team of engineers with over 100 years experience between them based in Ireland, we have a proven record of supply, using only the best materials available and maintaining a high level of craftsmanship throughout the production process. In other words, by keeping the process local you can be assured that the goalposts are of the highest quality possible, designed and made locally to offer fast and flexible service, with the ability to tailor products to suit any individual needs.

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