Goalpost Safety

CEN committee for Gymnastic & Playing Field Equipment have been working hard on developing a new standard for Safety.  This new standard is called EN 16579

We at Goalpost Ireland have been working very closely with this committee and the NSAI to ensure all of our products are designed, manufactured and supplied to these new standard requirements.

Although there are new standards designed to make improvements, it does not mean that goals manufactured under IS356:2007 are unsafe.  It means there are changes for products manufactured going forward.

Should you require further information please feel free to contact our office and we will put you in touch with our technical advisor.

Goalposts Ireland’s Products are designed and manufactured to National and International Safety Standards.

  • EN 16579   
  • EN 748
  • EN 749
  • EN 750

Complying with these standards is our guarantee of superior products. We at Goalpost Ireland have set up a set of safety guidelines for the safe use and maintenance of your goals. They are practical steps designed to assist anyone responsible (either directly or indirectly) purchasing, setting out, using, dismantling, storing and maintaining equipment. Our motto at Goalpost Ireland is:

“Your Safety Is Our Goal”

We have developed a simple checklist of safety measures that can be carried out monthly to ensure your equipment is safe to use.

Users can also download our Safety Poster for use at their facility to highlight the importance of safety in relation to using equipment.

For advise on your sports pitch equipment or technical assistance please contact our technical advisor on 058-56326  or email sales@goalpostireland.com

“Leading the field in Goalpost Safety” 

Please Note The Following Advice Relating To The Anchoring Of Freestanding Goalposts.
Free-standing goals are only safe if they are properly stabilised. Most of the commonly used methods of stabilisation can be affected by poor installation techniques as well as by poor ground conditions.  Please contact the office for advice on anchoring suitable to your venue.