Juvenile Portable 4.57m x 2.13m (15’x7′) GAA 48.3mm Single Aluminium Goal

Product Code: 3006/HGS
Pack Quantity: 1 Single Goal

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15’x7′ (4.57m x 2.13m) Single Aluminium Goalpost. Juvenile Professional goal for home use. Generally suitable for over 12’s

Product Code: 3006/HGS Categories: ,
Size:4.57m x 2.13m (15'x7')
Manufactured From:48.3mm Aluminium
No Rust or Corrusion
PVC Extensions 40mm - 6ft
Finish:Aluminium Finish
Net Supports:A-Frames
Pitch Suitability:Grass Pitch
Safety Standard Compliance:I.S. EN 16579:2018+AC:2019
Quantity:1 Single Goal
Package Deal
This product is part of a package deal and comes complete with
1 Single goal
4 # Ground Anchoring Pegs
Net Attachments
1 Single Net 15x7
Juvenile GAA aluminium goalpost made from 48.3mm aluminium making it an ideal goal for home / garden with no rush or corrusion. Play juvenile GAA games in your garden.


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