Premier Championship International Selfweighted Hockey Goal c/w noise absorption carpet

Product Code: 4110
Pack Quantity: 1 Set (2 Goals)

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Premier Championship International Self-weighted Hockey Goals c/w sound proof carpet

Product Code: 4110 Category:
Size:Regulation Size 3.66m x 2.13m
(12' x 7' x 4')
Manufactured From:75mm x 50mm x 30mm with channel for Net attachments
Pitch Suitability:Synthetic Pitches
Safety Standard Compliance:EN 750
Quantity:1 Set (2 Goals)
Package Deal
This product is part of a package deal and comes complete with
1 Set (2 Goals)
Regulation size International Self-Weighted Hockey goals 12’x7’x4’
Backboards made from 457mm (18" high) recycled 25mm thick solid polyethylene with aluminium frame Backboards are fitted with soundabsorbtion carpet
Goal complete with International Hockey Nets
Weights fitted to back panel of goal for stability
Each goal is fitted with wheels for mobility