Mini 12’x6′ Self-Weighted Rollaway Soccer Goal

Product Code: 2071
Pack Quantity: 1 Set (2 Goals)

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Mini 12’x6′ Self-Weighted Rollaway Soccer Goals 12’x6′ c/w weights & wheels

Size:3.66m x 1.83m (12'x6')
Manufactured From:85mm Extruded Aluminium
Finish:Powdercoated White
Net Supports:A-Frames
Pitch Suitability:Grass Pitch
Synthetic Pitch
Safety Standard Compliance:I.S. EN 16579:2018+AC:2019
Quantity:1 Set (2 Goals)
Package Deal
This product is part of a package deal and comes complete with
1 Set Goals ( 2 Goals) : 4 # A-frames, 2 Crossbars, 2 Backbars Internally Weighted and fitted with castor wheels
Quick Release Safety Net Clips 1067
1 Set (2 Nets) Soccer 12'x6'' Nets
8 # External Locking corner bracket
All bolts & Fixings
Goal is manufactured in 85mm aluminium and goal profile includes a net chanell designed to take Quick Release Safety Net Clips
Crossbar and backbar is made with prescision cut corner joints with reinforced interanl corner brackets
A-frames have welded mitres joints
External Locking corner brackets for additional security of corner joints for crossbar and backbar
A-frames are fitted with castor wheels for mobility of goals. Backbar is intternally weighted so no need for additional anchoring


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