Package: Premier Stadium Socketed Elliptical Aluminium Soccer Goal

Product Code: 2005
Pack Quantity: 1 Set (2 Goals)

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Package: Premier Stadium Socketed Elliptical Aluminium Goal

Product Code: 2005 Categories: ,
Size:7.32m x 2.44m (24'x8')
Manufactured From:100mm x 110mm Aluminium
Finish:Powdercoated White
Net Supports:Free Hanging Net Supports c/w Scokets Powdercoated
Aluminium Hinged Net Supports c/w chanell to take quick release net clips
Pitch Suitability:Grass Pitch
Safety Standard Compliance:EN 748:2013+A1:2018
Quantity:1 Set (2 Goals)
Package Deal
This product is part of a package deal and comes complete with
1 Set Goals ( 2 Goals )
Ground Sockets & Caps
Quick Release Safety Net Attachments 1067
1 Set Freehanging Net Supports & Ground Sockets
Aluminium Hinged Net Support
1 Set Senior Soccer 24'x8' Box Nets
All Bolts & Fixings
Eliptical Reincorced Aluminium Tubing
Integral Welded brackets
Precision Cut elbow joints

Extruded chanell to take quick relase safety net attachments


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